Syria, Assad, America and ISIS. The Truth

Living in Britain, America or anywhere in the West, all you have to do is pick up a newspaper or watch the news on  TV, and you will soon realise that Assad is an evil ‘Hitler like’ dictator who murders his own people, killing children with chemical weapons.

Does Trump need a better excuse to bomb Syria’s airfields?

To me it doesn’t make sense. Déjá vu springs to mind thinking back to the Iraqi invasion of 2003 and the supposed ‘weapons of mass destruction’, which of course was a lie! The real reason, probably oil, or maybe the fact that Iraq was a barrier  for America’s energy resources to flowed steadily through the Middle-East (you’ll see why this really is Déjá vu in a minute).

But what have America got against Assad?

Well he’s an ally of Russia and Putin of course, and ideology is the reason for most of the world’s major conflicts. If you are an ally of Russia you are an enemy of America. He is a nationalist who refuses to ‘tag along’ with the American global dominance.

Lets take a look at the chemical attack in Syria last week which killed 87 people, carried out most definitely and 100% undeniably by Assad’s government (oops! Sorry must have been paying too much attention to Western media!). On March 30th, the US government finally acknowledged that the leader of Syria should be determined by the Syrian people, and not by American forced regime change (perhaps learning the lessons of Iraq 2003). Along with maintaining the Upper hand against the Syrian rebels (or ISIS, whatever you’d prefer to call them), this was fantastic news for Assad due to the fact that he is thought to be popular amongst Syrians (I know that sounds bizarre, but please, don’t pay too much attention to Western media. He won 89% of the vote at the last election!).


To me personally, all the evidence suggests that the chemical attack last week, and the more fatal chemical attack in 2013, was carried out by the Syrian rebels and not by the Syrian government.

The western media who are of course run by the establishment, no matter how independent they claim to be, are quick to blame Assad because the West, in particular America, want regime change in Syria. Not only are Syria allies to Russia, but they are one of the very few countries who refuse to succumb to American hegemony and they maintain the importance of independence. They will not roll over and do what the Yanks tell them to do, despite their limited resources.

But what Do America want Assad to do? One word… pipeline!

America want to infiltrate Syrian territory to build a new pipeline from Qatar to Europe, through the countries of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey; all American allies except for Syria.

Syria of course are allies with Russia. Assad told Barack Obama he couldn’t use Syrian territory for his pipeline because that would go against Russian interests who currently provide 80% of Europe’s gas through already established pipelines. If America were to successfully build the new proposed pipeline through Syria they would be replacing Russia as the main provider for European energy sales, and the Russian economy would collapse overnight.

Did Obama say to Assad “ok then fair enough I understand”? Haha no way José! He and the rest of the West created the Syrian civil war in order to try and ‘de-throne’ Assad, wanting him replaced with a pro-American anti-Russian leader so that the proposed pipeline could be built. This meant that Obama and the rest of the West armed the Syrian rebels, also known as ISIS, meaning that ISIS were created by America in order to help influence America’s financial interest! Yeah of course America have ‘occasionally’ been bombing ISIS (can’t give the game away too easily can you?). But ain’t it funny how when America bomb ISIS they make sure that the Syrian infrastructure and the oil production facilities are bombed too? When Russia bomb ISIS they just simply ‘bomb ISIS’.

ISIS of course have their very own ‘oil empire’ making the majority of their finances from black market oil sales. But you’ve got to ask, who the hell would buy oil from ISIS? Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar that’s who! Those are the three countries people are pointing their fingers at, and those three countries happen to be strong allies with America.

Its not the first time America have undertaken operations of secrecy to help influence regime change in other countries, other countries whose leadership went against America’s hegemonic interests. Have a look at South America for example. Chilé prior to 1973 had a left-wing socialist government, allied with the Soviet Union. In 1973 a right-wing coup, supported by America, overthrew  president Salvador Allandé and replaced him with General Pinochet. This American backed right-wing leadership then resulted in 3000 Chileans being killed or going missing, tens of thousands of prisoners being tortured and 200,000 Chileans going into Exile. Salvador Allandé later went on to mysteriously commit suicide after the coup, by that I mean he was probably killed by the CIA. Also in 2002, an attempted right-wing coup this time failed to overthrow the socialist leader of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. Chavez was a man of the people, an inspiration to people in all of South America, and was known to despise America and the hegemonic imperialist activities that the US undertook. America deny being behind the failed coup attempting to overthrow Chavez, but they lets face it they most certainly were. Hugo Chavez died not so mysteriously of cancer, but still, he was probably killed by the CIA.

Back to Syria and ‘the gassing’ of its people, ask yourself this, who is more likely to carry out a chemical attack (on its own people!); the government of a nation-state (no matter how uncivilised that nation-state may be), or an anti-government rebel group of fighters, partly (or mostly) made up of terrorist organisations including ISIS and Al Qaeda?

I’ve said who I thought might be behind the chemical attacks last week, and I may be wrong! I’m not telling you what to believe, I’m just asking you to gather a balanced opinion before deciding on who was at fault, before taking the Western media’s word for it.

However, don’t you find it weird that people of anti-government/anti-Assad forces were there on the ground, ready to rapidly produce a HD video, with a script, ready to send out to media outlets at the time of the chemical attack???

To be honest not many people had heard of Syria before this civil war, but now it is the country set as the basis for a possible WW3. All Trump has to do is hit Syria with another missile, and this time Russia and Iran will fight back. Then that my friend, is it. Game over.

Oh and by the way, Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the election so that she could carry on her husband’s legacy (it was Bill who first proposed the building of a pipeline through Syria). So don’t be surprised if Russia did somehow manage to rig the American election.

All this terror and atrocities you are seeing in Syria right now are because America want to take away Russia’s energy sales and start providing Europe with gas themselves. The war, the dead children, the wiped out town and cities, are there because of America’s greed and their need to maintain power over the world.



Ban the burqa… Yay or nay?

This weekend we have seen the news that the European People’s Party, the European parliament’s biggest political grouping, has said that it would support a EU wide ban on women wearing Islamic face veils.

The idea of women not being allowed to wear a niqab or a burqa in the west and non-Islamic countries, now seems to be a popular thought amongst people. With the EPP now stating it would support a ban, the proposed ban is shown to be no longer a ‘far-right’ policy proposed by ‘racists’ who could not be taken seriously.

The left of course do not agree with such a ban with the argument that “freedom and liberty is found within western nations”, and therefore women should have the right to wear whatever they want to wear in order to fulfil their religious obligations, especially within a land of freedom and equality.

However is seeing a woman in a Western country wearing an Islamic face veil, a sign of the freedom and equality found within the west? Or is it a sign of the complete opposite; the oppression of women and the patriarchy found within Islam.

I am not even going to try and pretend I know the extent of oppression that is put upon Muslim women. I could easily read articles in the Daily Mail and assume them to be 100% true, but the valid way to judge the extent of Islamic patriarchy would be to read Islamic texts themselves, of which I am unlikely to ever find motivation to do.

Although one must ask, why is it only Muslim women who have to cover their faces? Why not Muslim Men as well? Why are Muslim women not allowed to pray whilst they are on their period (I know that’s absolutely bizarre!)? Why did the Taliban ban education for Muslim women but not Muslim men (yes I know the vast majority of Muslims aren’t as radical as the Taliban but lets face it, the Taliban aren’t exactly Buddhists are they!? They still act under the name of Islam. They are still Muslims)? Why does the Qur’an permit Muslim men to have four wives but not vice-versa? Why are women in Islamic societies expected to stay at home and not participate in public life? Why are Muslim wives in Islamic societies expected to cook, clean and look after the children while their husbands work? Why are Muslim women not allowed to drive in certain Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia? Why were Muslim women only given the right to vote in Saudi Arabia as late as 2015? Why do Muslim women have to endure Female Genital Mutilation? Why are Muslim women (and men to be fair) forced to marry?

Western societies such as that of Britain are still patriarchal in the twenty first century with issues such as equal pay between men and women (after reading the last paragraph do you really think that is such an issue). Of course it is no issue to me if feminists carry on with their ‘warheads’ pointed at Western society; outraged at the pure and utter evil fact that builders like to ‘wolf whistle’ at pretty blonde women walking by wearing short skirts. But just have a minute and take a look at Islam. That is gender inequality at another level. If Muslim women are continuously covering their faces and not being allowed to show their beauty whilst in Western society, then that contradicts the freedom and equality that the West is proud to have.