I now know how the world can be saved from coronavirus, and it’s Prophet Muhammad we need to thank

Last month we heard the news that Saudi Arabia had closed two of the holiest Islamic sites- Al Haram Mosque in Mecca and Al Masjid al Nabawy in Medina to halt the spread of coronavirus.

This was a massive decision for Saudi Arabia to make due to millions of Muslim pilgrims visiting Mecca and Medina each year what with all Muslims being obliged to visit the Saudi Arabian holy sites once in their lifetime.

However to my surprise reports in the news claimed that the holy sites opened again for visiting pilgrims just a week later.

You might be wondering how Saudi Arabia managed to solve the spread of the coronavirus in just a week. Well perhaps Saudi religious leaders turned to their Prophet for guidance.

Let us now look at the Hadith, Sahih Bukhari 3350:

As you can see from the above Hadith, angels are guarding the roads to Medina to protect Medina from the plague. The plague of course is a bacterial disease differing from corona of which is a viral infection, but Muhammad wouldn’t have known the difference between the two 1400 years ago. I can only assume that the angels would have protected against both bacterial and viral infections anyway rather than only protecting against bacterial infections.

This therefore means that Muhammad, as Allah’s last surviving prophet, guarantees that the Arabian city of Medina is safe from coronavirus!

That’s problem solved then everyone needs to go to Medina to be saved from Covid-19.

However if you look at the first image in this post, I must ask why the Saudi Monarchs “ask God to spare all of humanity from harm”? There is no need for such prayers because Allah has already given humanity full protection from coronavirus- the city of Medina with its guardian angels.

Lets just assume those Saudi Monarchs have not studied the Islamic doctrine and the Hadiths sufficiently enough and they have not yet realised that their own city of Medina is the saviour of humanity.

This brings another problem- you can not fit the population of the world into Medina!

This means that what we now need to instead send all the coronavirus infected people from every country in the world to the city of Medina so they can be cured (roughly half a million people at the time I write this), as the angels guarding the city will not let diseases in to Medina.

I can not believe that ever since I started this blog 3 years ago I have been nothing but critical of the Islamic doctrine, and yet Allah through the words of Prophet Muhammad is about to save humanity with the city of Medina.

Of course if the Saudi monarchs do not open the gates of Medina to the victims of corona then they either do not wish for coronavirus to be vaccinated or they do not believe the words of Prophet Muhammad.

So let us all pray to Allah and hope Saudi Arabia invite the corona victims to Medina. Allahu akbar!


Priti Patel did not bully any Civil Servants in the Home Office. This is all part of the liberal Establishment’s cover up of the Grooming Gang scandal

The disgraced former Civil Servant Phillip Rutnam is now pursuing legal action on the grounds of ‘Constructive Dismissal’ following his resignation from the Home Office after claiming he was bullied by Home Secretary Priti Patel.

This is absolute nonsense and let me tell you why.

Priti Patel simply told Rutnam to “do his f****** job” after Rutnam blocked the release of a report in to ‘the characteristics of the grooming gang rapists’. Patel was obviously frustrated because she had been long awaiting this report, as we all have been, despite us already knowing the characteristics of the grooming gang rapists, or at least the vast majority of them.

It is thus argued that Rutnam’s resignation from his £190,000 job is a ‘deflective PR stunt’.

The Establishment have always tried to cover up the grooming gang scandal and in particular what religious/national origin the groomers tend to have. Everyone knows that, that’s old news, but why Rutnam blocked this particular individual report is unknown. Some people thinks it is because of affiliation and influence from Imam Mohammed Mahmoud (pictured with Rutnam below).

Senior Muslim figures have been known to help influence the grooming gang cover up
A petition to release the characteristics of grooming gang rapists has now reached over 100,000 signatures meaning that government will have to debate what the petition is arguing for in the next few days

This blocking by Rutnam of this individual case in particular is part of the bigger picture of the political elite covering up the grooming gang scandal. Rutnam lied about Patel bullying him- he just didn’t like her standing up to his bureaucratic propensities.

Civil servants of course have never been put in their place but we are now entering a new age of populist politics- Brexit, Donald Trump and Dominic Cummings (who I in fact do not like but he’s right in the fact that the Civil Service needs reform). Priti Patel has a populist vision and the liberal Establishment along with the remainstream media do not like it (the Guardian drew a pretty offensive cartoon of Priti Patel and Boris Johnson last weekend which was considered to be anti-Hindu and even racist).

To conclude, I do not think that Philip Rutnam was bullied by Priti Patel I just think that he can not accept that the democratic electorate and their representatives in the new Conservative government are taking back control; not from the EU but with the new age of populist politics that I mentioned earlier.

With this new age of populism we see dirty tactics from the liberal establishment. It reminds me of what’s going on over the pond in the fact that the Democrats know they can’t beat Donald Trump in the debating room so they try to oust him with false claims of Russian collusion and impeach him because he wanted corruption in the Biden family investigated. Dirty tactics.

So far i’ve been a big fan of Boris Johnson and his Conservative government, despite me not voting for them. We will see if that drastically changes pending on the government’s debate into whether it is in ‘the public’s interest’ as to whether we do or don’t know the characteristic tendencies of the grooming gangs in the next few days.

‪The next time Tommy Robinson’s 8 year old daughter is sexually assaulted she won’t make the mistake of doing the right thing and telling her parents, she’ll stay silent‬

“The press will side with an alleged child molester if it means they can use it against Tommy Robinson. The press & the MSM are now pure propaganda “ (Gerard Batten- former UKIP leader)

So today if you looked at the papers you will have noticed that Tommy Robinson has been at it again! Got himself arrested, been in another fight- when will that thug ever learn!?

No turns out the remainstream media aren’t telling you the bigger picture. Turns out that Tommy Robinson’s 8 year old had her bottom grabbed by a middle-aged man at a children’s swimming pool. Turns out Tommy Robinson thus got arrested for ‘restraining’ this man afterwards when Tommy’s daughter pointed him out. Turns out the nonce in question got off jack-free.

Lets be clear Tommy probably didn’t settle at restraining this man, he probably beat the shit out of him as would any sane father. But the fact is middle-aged men are alone at a children’s swimming pool in Center Parcs with no partner or kids and groping random children, and the press could not give a shit.

People’s opinion of Tommy Robinson is now irrelevant because the only person that matters is his 8 year old daughter. She never deserved this.

The media don’t care about her, the police don’t care about her, and now she thinks that if a stranger gropes her and she speaks out- her father gets arrested.