Are we at the beginning of a new political era in British politics, where Labour represent the middle-class and The Conservatives represent Northern workers?

Yes I know the title of this piece sounds bizarre, in particular The Conservatives being a party of the Northern working-class, but just bear with me and listen to what i’ve got to say.

First lets talk about the rise of populism:

There is no denying that we are now in a new era of populist politics where the status quo of the political elite governing without being held to account by ordinary people is long gone.

I think the main reason for this is because of the rise of alternative and social media at the expense of the remainstream media. The BBC will soon be long gone once the overton window moves to common-sense and with it we see the failure of the Guardian fuelled anti-British champagne socialist London bubble propaganda.

The fact that ordinary people aren’t falling for the Biased Broadcasting Corporation’s fake news anymore, along with the lame tactics from the rest of the smear merchants on mainstream TV means that the establishment was defeated twice in the West with victories to Donald Trump and Brexit.

That’s old news but I mention it because obviously there is no longer a divide between left and right-wing, instead we have globalism and nationalism.

Now, the former half of the title of this post is a lot more plain to see than the latter, i.e. the Conservatives have still not yet had enough time to show us whether or not they will take the opportunity of solidating the Northern working-class vote which was only loaned to them by voters in Labour safe seats.

So as for the Labour Party… well what an absolute shit storm they find themselves in. They lost the Northern working-class vote at the last election in dramatic style and tbh that’s been coming ever since Tony Bliar was Prime Minister. At the start of Bliar’s first term the Northern working-class were still loyal to Labour, and Tony Bliar repaid that loyalty by opening the doors to mass-migration on the grounds that immigrants would cram themselves into working-class communities. Furthermore, if the indigenous working-class complained about this then they would be labelled racist bigots.

After the centre-left era of Brown, Blair and Miliband, Labour moved back to the far-left. However this was not to redeem their mistake of betraying the Northern working-class faithful, this was to attract a new modern type of voter- the young middle-class university wankers.

The YMCUW were typically from Oxfordshire or Gloucestershire. They have double barrelled second names, they study social sciences at a metropolitan university and they’ve always wanted to be different to their Conservative voting parents. Back at home they were touched by a tv commercial on their multi-screen Sky TV package showing the troubles of Syrian refugees. They are virtue signallers.

You can’t blame young middle-class university wankers for falling in love with the idea of socialism. We’ve all done it at a young age including me before I was red pilled. It is going to be near enough impossible for the next generation to get on the property ladder and it is obviously easiest to blame capitalism for that.

Since Corbynism and the far-left Labour have moved back to the centre-left with Sir Keir Starmer. Sir Keir was the best of a bad bunch regarding the recent Labour leadership contest. But still he is not representative of the Northern working-class being another Islington twat and a staunch remained who wanted a second referendum.

Perhaps Labour have ditched the working-class altogether because the working-class are no longer as plain to see in society anymore. There was a time when the working-class were British society’s largest class grouping. Now according to Tony Bliar- “there is no longer a working-class everyone is middle-class”. I wouldn’t go that far but the working-class are definitely not as prominent.

Traditionally in a broader sense Labour has always been the party of poor people and the Conservatives the party of the rich (meaning that it has always been in Labour’s interest to stop the poor from getting rich). However because of the decline in the working-class social group Labour now pursue votes from young middle-class university wankers (and immigrants).

On the other hand, look how the Conservatives have come from nowhere to take former mining constituencies in the North. They are now holding seats in Wakefield for the first time in nearly 90 years and Blyth Valley for the first time in 70 years. What an opportunity this is for the Conservatives and hopefully at the next election my hometown of Barnsley will vote Conservative for the first time ever.


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